In The Beginning

Thinking about the universe before anything “was”, I created this primordial scene of amorphous shapes, out of which was created ALL! Jacqueline Shuler

Mountain Majesty

A puzzle painting created on my Cintiq interactive tablet and lots of imagination and energy.

Winter Vision

Having painted with acrylic polymers for the last forty years, I am now expressing my ideas with digital art, which suits the speed of my creative vision.

The Earth Does not Belong to Us, Chief Seattle quote

This beautiful collage of torn paper symbolizes the richness of the earth. I created it as anThe earth does not belong to us “earthy” background for Chief Seattle’s environmental quote. “Whatever befalls the… Continue reading

Acid Eats its Own Container

The Polished Stone

The current flows rapidly in swirls and eddies down the river. At the bottom are stones, which become more and more rounded and polished by the water flow as the years go by.… Continue reading

The upward spiral of the spirit

  The spiral as a symbol of growth dates back thousands of years with the Celts and Native Americans. In expectation of new growth, the nautilus naturally adds another chamber. Our lives are… Continue reading


This old 70’s favorite is the key to mindfulness, which opens up the fountain of creativity.

Not Just for Artists!

Creativity enhances your life, even if you’re not an artist. Check out this article on the impact of creativity on your mental and emotional health. Preschool Art

Imagination is everything

Originally posted on Emily Louise Heard:
Sometimes it’s incredibly freeing just to paint with no idea what you’re painting.? I simply put a few of my favourite colours on my palette and started…