I designed this card as a special way to say “Thank You”, and also to connect kindness with gratitude. The open hand gathers; the grateful person completes the circle of kindness. The… Continue reading

Dreaming About Babies

Dreaming about babies, symbols of creativity My dream babies walk and talk immediately after a painless birth. They jump off the delivery table, fully dressed! We then have conversations together.  On one occasion,… Continue reading

About Jacqueline

About Jacqueline Hi, I’m Jacqueline M. Shuler, artist, calligrapher, graphic designer, author, muralist, and educator. I’ve been in business since 1971, after obtaining three Art degrees, including a doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University.  Since I… Continue reading

Cancer Experience: from Caterpillars to Butterflies

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.  When I asked the surgeon what could have caused this, since there was no family history of breast cancer. The reply was, “Probably something in… Continue reading

What does the art of a fifteen month old look like? The first marks a child makes are  really a recording of motion in the womb. The lines run back and forth, either horizontal or vertical, reminiscent of the rocking in the womb.  Children… Continue reading

“Act of Valor” Tecumseh Quote

This is the quote given at the end of the movie “Act of Valor”. In 1980, I entitled it “Native American Way of Life”. I designed the unique hand lettering to reflect the… Continue reading

Looking in the rear view mirror of life

Looking in the rear view mirror of life.